HALLOWEEN Series Explained: The Complete History of Michael Myers

Delving into the complete history of Michael Myers, covering the entire original Halloween franchise. Breaking down each movies stories, how the series connects, and detailing the evolution of the Michael Myers character.

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38 Replies to “HALLOWEEN Series Explained: The Complete History of Michael Myers”

  1. Season of the witch,Revenge of Michael Myers,Curse of Michael Myers and Resurrection were the worst in the series

    Season of the witch cause Michael Myers is not in the movie,Not Scary,No suspense,and No Blood or Gore

    Resurrection cause nothing was resurrected,Celebrities are in it,the kung fu scene is bad,bad acting,bad ending and Laurie Strode is killed off

    Don’t buy or rent Curse,Revenge of Michael Myers,Season of the witch and Resurrection

    Avoid them at all cost

  2. For me even though michael myers was killed off two times for me his true ending was when he died in 2 and i guess since the thrilogy just go's on his 2nd true final ending was when she cut his head off why people like movies like this and others that follow it i just don't understand the attraction.

  3. Not interested until i see leather face vs Pumpkin Head vs Phantasm vs Michael Myers vs Pinhead vs Jason vs Freddy vs The Nun vs Jeepers Creepers vs Night of the Demons vs a Zombie Apocalypse vs Silent Hill vs Candy Man vs Look-See vs Slender man vs Resident Evil and only if Rob Zombie makes it because i know his brain is just like mine 🙂

  4. michael actually has club foot and looks really stupid when he runs, and so he's terribly self conscious about it, therefore his contract states they are not allowed to film him running, ever. Scooby and Shaggy told me cuz they were filming the next lot over.

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