Film Theory: The Breaking Bad Ending's HIDDEN Truth

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Spoiler alert! Because today I’m forever changing the way that you look at the final scene of one of the greatest television shows of all time – Breaking Bad. The show ended with what a lot of people thought was a cop out. But I’m here to tell you that the ending you thought you saw might not be as clear cut as you think.

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47 Replies to “Film Theory: The Breaking Bad Ending's HIDDEN Truth”

  1. exciting and all except vince gilligan came out on an interview yesterday confirming he was pretty fucking dead. god bless, fuck vince. el camino would have been great with that crazy son of a bitch

  2. WALTER ISN'T DEAD!!!!!!!!! In the new El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie trailer, At the end of the trailer you can hear Walt's voice asking Jesse "Are you ready?" Everyone look up El Camino on Netflix! Only if you've finished the series though, there are spoilers.

  3. May be he wasn't dead. He wanted ti taste that blue meth before he died. He popped a crystal in his mouth. He was dying anyway. And that smile is the same like the one jesse had when he was floating after getting high from some drug Jane gave him. But police came in and he was rushed to the hospital and he died……

    But there was a number plate saying die or walk free. One of them walked free and the other should technically be dead. So it's better to say walt died

  4. Although I’m a strong advocate for Walter White returning in El Camino, if you look even closer at the cop checking his pulse, at 11:55, you can make out the cop shaking his head “no” in response to his pulse. Sad stuff.

    Edit: It COULD be possible that he was shaking his head as a signal for “He’s not dead”

  5. spoiler: guys u gotta realize that in the ending walt already killed uncle jack and the other boys, killed lidia etc and the whole town was looking for him, they didnt know how to end the show so they just made him die. in my opinion i loved the ending, my jaw never drops if something happens in movies or shows, but this time i legit said: what the fuck holy shit *cops find walt on the floor * OH FUCK HES DONE FOR SURE

  6. Came because of the announcement of El Camino, and you're dead wrong. Walt's ending was perfect. He got exactly the punishment he deserved. And it wasn't even about his death because he accepted that from the very beginning. He did all of this to protect his family. He turned to a life of crime to take care of them because he loved them and wanted to be a good father even after he was dead. And what's the one thing he lost before the end of the series? His family. Skylar left him long ago. His son hates his guts. Hank is dead. His friends won't speak to him. His family are pariahs in the community because of his actions. He's a fugitive living in an ice cold cabin who can't even go into town and only has human contact once a month. That's his real punishment. Everything he was trying to preserve by doing crimes gets ripped away from him because of his crimes.

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